"Sporting CT - More Than Just A Soccer Club"
Sporting CT is the premier branch of Middletown Youth Soccer and is a program vested in the holistic development of its players.
As a club we are committed to ensuring the experiences afforded to our members are of only the highest standard and guarantee to try and provide your child with the best possible soccer education available.
All of our Program Directors and Staff Coaches hold significant education and experience within both the soccer and Child Development domains. As a result, the guidance and support your child receives will be based upon a proactive and pragmatic philosophy which holds their best interests at heart.
Our teams train at minimum twice per week throughout the year, and play approximately 8-10 games per season. Five seasons comprise the calendar year, fall (u9-14 only, August-October), Winter I (November/December), Winter II (January/February) Winter III (March/April) and Spring (April-June). In addition, each season includes a tournament (more for the showcase ages who do not play in the fall). Furthermore, we have a plethora of opportunities for our players to supplement their development through the additional camps and clinics we offer which include: ball mastery workshops, goalkeeper schools, summer camps and personal tutoring.
We are proud to display the work that has gone into separating us from the rest of our competitors and can announce that as of Spring 2013 practice sessions for every age group will be delivered from an age specific, topically driven, seasonal curriculum (examples below).This plan supplements nicely the forward-thinking Player Development Philosophy that underpins what we as a club are looking to accomplish (see below).

Example of Sporting CT seasonal plans

Example of Sporting CT Development Philosophy
In order to help us achieve our goals our staff are held accountable to the highest level of professionalism. Each coach, though already qualified, is encouraged to continue their education and has a Professional Development Plan in place to support them. Beyond this, coaches are also required to complete both match reports on all games and a monthly evaluation of team performance and development. Together these help underpin the Player Development Reports provided to each team member within our program 2 times per year (end of Fall, Winter & Spring).
We believe that taking a committed, development first approach will ensure we achieve our aims of creating technically excellent players who love the game of soccer, a byproduct of which will be successful performances on the field.
We would love to have you take this journey with us so should you have any questions please reach out to our Sporting CT Executive Director - Goran Vasic at .